Elijah “Yung Energy” Harrison is a rapper-songwriter from Asheville, NC. He discovered his passion for music at a young age. With no mentors, no support, and living place to place, Yung Energy turned to the streets for support. That’s when he would rap along to the most influential artists on the radio and make up his own lyrics. Inspired by artists like, 2 Pac, Crucial Conflict, Bone Thugz, to name a few. He started writing songs at the age of 12 and taught himself how to record, mix and master his own music. He began performing at local open mic nights and events, where he gained confidence and feedback from the audience.

By 2018-19’ Yung Energy, also known as “Y.E”, had become one of Asheville’s top local artists. Sadly, he still faced a lot of adversity along the way, but it didn’t stop him. Opening for some of the biggest entertainers in the industry such as Trina, Bun B, Mystikal, Trick Daddy, just to name a few, everything he was building came to a halt as did the whole world; in 2020 covid hit and his career came to a stop. With events being canceled and his breakthrough tour with “SXSW” not happening, it caused Yung Energy to stop recording music. He lost every friend, the other artists he was working with, everyone he thought he would win alongside. Everybody, in Yung Energy’s eyes, had lost faith in him and he went to find his own way. 

Between 2021-2022 Y.E continued to do his music, traveling from NC to SC to GA, opening for artists like Big Boogie. Yung Energy pushed to pursue his career as an independent artist. Over the years Yung Energy has released more than 20 music videos, recorded multiple songs/albums, performed at hundreds of events. Pouring his pain into rhymes, Yung Energy saw his music flash in front of his eyes. Everything was gone, it was at that moment he realized he had lost the last 10 years’ worth of work.

In 2023 Yung Energy left his hometown to start over and find his way in a new city. Quickly finding a home in Phoenix, Arizona, Y.E has performed at multiple festivals and events. Opening for artists like Too Short in San Diego and booking shows opening for Trina with ICEKON, Yung Energy found his passion again. With an album on the way, “TRUTH”, Yung Energy’s goal is to connect with his listeners through his music and share his stories and emotions with them. He hopes to inspire and empower them to follow their passions and be themselves. 

I'll Take The Money Before The Fame ; And The Knowledge Before The Champagne” - Yung Energy

Newest Single- "sHOW mE sUM Em"official music video

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